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    Selling Hottop roasters since 2006
    sandbox smart r2 coffee roaster

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    We are proud to sell many top rated thermal brewers such as the Technivorm  Moccamaster KBGT-741, the smaller 1 liter KBTS as well as the KBT-741, KBT-741 in black. We also offer Moccamaster glass carafe models including the KBGV in a variety of colors and KB-741. Cook's Illustrated rated the KBGT-741 as best coffeemaker and we have ample supply to fill demand. Cook's Illustrated recognized us as 'where to buy' the KBT-741 in its earlier roundup of brewers.

    Customer Testimonials

    I'm sure glad (after ten years of home-roasting) that you guys have come on the scene. You're offering up some really prime jewels that can't be found anywhere else."
    DL - Indianapolis, IN
    In my daily work I deal with many vendors large and small, and it's a great pleasure to find a business that exhibits integrity, service and quality, things that have become rare today."
    MW - Peterborough, NH
    Thank you very much for the prompt service, it speaks highly of you and your company. I am pleased that we chose your company through which to make our purchase!
    EP - Port Orchard, WA
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