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    Technivorm Moccamasters KBT-741:

    A quick run through of the features, functions and instruction of our very popular brewer. Video was produced by Dave Friedland, our mail order guru and multimedia aficionado. You will find some advice and good pointers here. was the source cited by Cook's Illustrated for the Technivorm Moccamaster brewers and it is one of our most popular products.

    Advisory: We highly recommend that you clean and descale your Technivorm coffee maker periodically using Cleancaf or similar product. The frequency depends largely on your water source and its mineral content. If you have well water, again depending on its hardness, you may need to perform this quite frequently; if city water then not so much. When scale builds up the brewer, as a self-protective measure, will not operate until cleaned. This scale buildup would apply to any brand of coffee maker but Technivorm has self-protection built in, rather then burn out.

    Behmor 1600:

    An introduction to the features and usage of the Behmor 1600 home coffee roaster.

    French Press Coffee Brewing:

    Our recommendations for brewing with a French Press coffee maker, including dosage instructions.